5 Do’s and Don’ts of Job Descriptions

Apr 26, 2017


  1. Do include your company name, description, and location. Limit the description to 2-3 sentences.

    Don’t feel obligated to put your company description at the top of the posting. Applicants are eager to learn about the job. Company information is fine to put at the bottom.

  2. Do include a job overview. This helps applicants get a sense of the job immediately. This belongs at the top of the posting and should be 2-3 sentences.

    Don’t include the job details and requirements within the job overview.

  3. Do include qualifications and requirements. List out requirements vs preferred skills. For example, a requirement may be a B.A. in Communications or related field. A preference may be a Master’s degree.

    Don’t include a laundry list of requirements without preferred skills. Your applicant pool will be much smaller and they will all have the same requirements, making it a tougher decision to hire. Preferred skills will help applicants stand out from the others.

  4. Do include a range in compensation and a list of benefits. This is the bread and butter of a job description. Applicants want to know what you’re offering compared to other businesses.

    Don’t limit this section to the basics, i.e. insurance and paid vacation. Show off your company culture in this section. Do you have casual Fridays? Company outings? Wellness activities? Food deliveries?

  5. Do include how and where to apply for a job posting. Are you posting through a portal? Will the applicants email their resume and cover letter? Where can they fill out the application?

    Don’t make the process too difficult. You’ll surely lose applicants if your application link or button doesn’t work. Is your job portal only compatible with certain browsers? Make sure you list software compatibility in the post.

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Todd Miller

Written by Todd Miller

Director of Marketing, DHR

Todd leads DHR’s marketing department and is responsible for overall marketing strategy and execution. With nearly 15 years in the sourcing services and solutions space, Todd provides interesting insight on a variety of topics in this fast-paced and ever-changing industry.

Todd lives in Scottsdale with his two daughters and Collie/Shepard. One is a good boy.

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