Characteristics of Stellar Background Check Providers

Apr 13, 2017


Many employers don’t do the proper research and evaluation before selecting a background check provider. Not doing the proper research is like picking out produce without properly inspecting it. You never know what you’re going to get! A poor background check provider can mean that you’re never 100% guaranteed to hire someone with an outstanding record. Getting a bad apple of an employee costs the company time and resources to make up for poor quality work, re-recruiting a new candidate, and training/onboarding the new employee.

So how do you differentiate between a stellar and a poor background check provider? This blog offers five characteristics of stellar background check providers. Ensure your background check provider possesses these critical features and you’ll sleep better knowing the bad produce stays out of your organization.

Top background check provider characteristics

Certification and accreditation: Your background check provider must be accredited by the National Association of Professional Background Screeners and meet the standards of the ISO 9001:2008 family of quality management systems. Why? You want to know that the provider you’re dealing with is certified and legitimate.

Compatibility: Before you decide on a background check provider, ask if their technology can integrate with your company’s HR recruiting system. This will enable applicant information to be sent directly from your system to the screening technology, minimizing turnaround time for both employers and applicants.

Custom configurability: As an employer, you want to ensure the platform offered by the background check provider is configured to meet your organization’s needs. Does the technology come with custom options to opt in or out of certain features? Is the technology intuitive or does the vendor offer software training? Stellar providers will enable employers to manage the background check process and cater the software to the organization. Never purchase technology or subscribe to software packages without first viewing a demonstration to see the platform for yourself.

Great customer service: When looking at reviews of several providers, ensure customer service is consistently ranked high. Even if the platform and training seem intuitive, you still want to know you can depend on them for support. Do they have afterhours phone support or online chat? It’s a red flag if the only means of support is emailing a request or concern to the provider.

Turnaround time: Did you know sixty-three percent of candidates continue looking for other jobs even after a background check with a prospective employer? When shopping around for background check providers, compare turnaround times on background check results. You may think waiting a few weeks isn’t mission critical, but it will be when your candidate has moved on to another opportunity and you have to start the hiring process all over again.

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Todd Miller

Written by Todd Miller

Director of Marketing, DHR

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