Strategies for Handling Employee HR Issues as Kids Go Back to School

By Todd Miller on Sep 22, 2017

Every fall as children head back to school across the country, HR manager gear up for the annual increase in school-related HR issues. The issues range from parents wanting time off to attend school events to employees having to stay home or leave early because of a child’s illness. Here are some strategies to help you handle some of this back to school HR issues.

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What is the True Cost of Adding a New Employee?

By Todd Miller on Sep 12, 2017



Adding new employees can be a great way to accelerate the growth of your business—if you can afford them. One of the factors that separates successful firms from chronically cash strapped ones is being able to properly calculate the cost of adding a new employee. Before you can know if now is the right time to invest in additional employees you have to calculate the cost per hire.

Topics: HR Cost Per Hire
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DHR eBook: 10 Simple Ways You Can Increase Employee Retention and Decrease Turnover Rates

By Todd Miller on Aug 31, 2017

Hiring employees isn't enough to keep your small business running; you also have to keep them. Turnover rates are the silent killer. They're not as obvious as weak customer reception, but they're just as deadly. Every employee you lose represents cost and lost value: cost, because you'll have to spend on finding and hiring a replacement; lost value, because you're not getting the expected return from your investment in hiring them in the first place. Fortunately, there are plenty of things you can do to keep retention high and turnover low.

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Employee Background Checks: 5 Rules to Help You Walk the Line

By Todd Miller on Aug 31, 2017

There is a lot on the line when it comes to doing background checks on potential or current employees. A bad hire can cost your organization thousands of dollars, or more. It can also lead to lawsuits or loss of proprietary information. But, an improper or illegal employee background check can also lead to litigation, expensive fines, and damages. Here are five rules to help you perform a broad background check that keeps you safely within the law.
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There Is Power in Positive Workspaces

By Todd Miller on Aug 29, 2017

Those who remember the 1999 cult classic Office Space, featuring Jennifer Aniston, might recall that the plot centers around an HR nightmare at a tech company. Managers in the film are self-serving and clueless while the skilled workers seek both escape from the mundane and revenge on their superiors. Efficiency consultants are brought in to reduce costs, boost productivity and identify which employees can stay and which must go based on interviews and manager input.
Topics: HR Workplace
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4 Efficient Ways Small Businesses Can Get The Best Hires

By Todd Miller on Aug 23, 2017

When you run a small business, you can't afford people who are just there for a paycheck. Here are a few things you can do to make sure you get the best possible hires for your business:

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DHR eBook: 7 Things All Employers Should Do To Decrease the Chances of Getting Sued

By Todd Miller on Aug 22, 2017

No employer wants to get sued. Lawsuits can be costly, and waste valuable resources - regardless of the outcome. While it’s impossible to completely prevent all lawsuits, there are many things your organization can do to decrease the chances of a lawsuit. Here are seven actions that all employers should take right away to decrease the risks of getting sued.

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3 Things to Avoid to Hire the Perfect Employee

By Todd Miller on Jul 18, 2017

Owning a small business or managing Human Resources is challenging as well as rewarding. One of the more challenging aspects of management is making hiring decisions. Owners have probably been there at one point in time wondering where things went wrong with the new hire who seemed so "perfect" during the interview but turned out a flop once hired. Making the right hiring decisions will save you time and eliminate headaches. So, how does the mistake of a bad hire happen? 

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The Facts and Figures Behind the Ban the Box Movement

By Todd Miller on Jul 10, 2017

The growing Ban the Box movement believes that the incredible difficulty that people with a criminal record have in finding employment are bad for our society. Research into the problem shows that by blocking these people from working is holding our economy back, missing out on tax revenues, punishing innocent children, and worsening a host of social problems.

But, it’s not just society that is hurting. Employers who do not even consider people with criminal records run the risk of missing out on talent that could give them a competitive edge.

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What You Need to Know About Ban the Box

By Todd Miller on Jul 6, 2017

The Ban the Box movement is about getting employers to stop asking about criminal convictions on initial employment applications. The idea is to stop using convictions as an automatic filter to screen out job applicants. Instead, the movement hopes to get employers to consider the relevance of criminal convictions to the job further down the hiring process, after considering their work qualifications.  

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