7 Tips For Managing Millennials in Today’s Workplace - a DHR ebook

By Todd Miller on Oct 25, 2017

Millennials are the largest generation in the workforce, having recently passed both Baby Boomers and Gen Xers. By 202, Millennials will make up 46% of the entire workforce. However, unlike previous generations, Millennials continue to mystify HR departments and managers at all levels of the corporate hierarchy. It is critical that organizations learn to manage this generation not just because of its size, but because Millennials are no longer just entry-level workers. They are on track to rise up the corporate ladder. This generation will make up the majority of upper-level management and executive teams in the not too distant future. If an organization can’t figure out to properly train and manage Millennials now, they risk losing an entire generation of corporate leadership.

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What Makes Millennials Different According to Millennials

By Todd Miller on Oct 16, 2017

One of the best ways to get a group of HR professionals talking is to bring up Millennials. Everyone has an opinion about what makes this generation different from older generation. But, what do Millennials think makes them different?

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Three Myths About Millennials in the Workplace

By Todd Miller on Oct 5, 2017

More than any other generation of workers, many employers today have become convinced that millennials are difficult employees to manage. Despite the reputation that has somehow cropped up around the millennial generation, the reality of young employees in the workplace is quite different than their popular reputation.

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