Free Yourself From the Burden of Payroll by Learning the Art of Delegation

By Todd Miller on Sep 5, 2017

Everyone is busy. It's easy to fall victim to repetitive tasks the eat up valuable time during the workweek. With a little planning and some clear vision for good time management, HR professionals can reclaim the workweek by delegating burdensome tasks to others. Payroll tops the list of monotonous tasks that must be completed, but can eat up a disproportionate amount of time. Free yourself from this time trap by embracing the concept of delegation.
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Top Five Reasons to Use a Payroll Partner

By Todd Miller on Sep 21, 2016

Payroll is a business process that encompasses many elements beyond simply compensating employees, such as: payroll taxes, social security withholdings, pretax deposits for medical savings, issuing W-2’s, FLSA/exempt vs. non-exempt compliance, overtime rules and calculations, wage garnishments—the list goes on. And the larger the company, the more complex payroll becomes. 

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